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Experience Gentle and Effective Chiropractic Care in Guelph

We’re thrilled you’re here to see if Chiropractic is the solution to your unique health challenge.

Dr. Jenna Arts is an all ages neurologically focused Chiropractor in Guelph who supports her patients through life’s changing phases, helping families build healthy foundations each step of the way.


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How Our Chiropractor Can Help

Dr. Jenna looks to provide a fresh perspective to your unique health challenges and aims to design an approach that will help get your health back on track.

Whether you’re struggling with headaches or migraines, neck or back pain, infant feeding challenges or a child with developmental delays, we will focus on identifying the primary problems in the spine and nervous system.

Our Approach: Unlocking Your Body’s Natural State of Health

We believe that with the correct approach and care your body’s default state is health.

First, Dr. Jenna will complete a comprehensive health consultation and neurostructural examination so that she will have the information needed to determine if she can help you. From there, she will guide you through your individualized correction process.

Unlike traditional chiropractors, Dr. Jenna’s approach isn’t going to simply mask your symptoms. Instead, her detailed, evidence-based and proven analysis is focused on gently correcting primary problems in your spine and nervous system so that you can enjoy lasting benefits and long-term health changes.


Our 2.5 year old was experiencing respitory issues from the minute it got cold in September to the warmth ending in April/May for her first two years of life. She was constantly on inhalers and other steroid medication that would increase her blood pressure.

We started with Dr. Jenna fall 2017 with her adjustments and she was only on her inhalers for a very tiny window once and no steroid or additional medication used to clear chest and reapitory illnesses that whole winter.

After that we started as a family with regular maintenance. It’s one thing in our plans to keep and live a healthy lifestyle along with her additional health information with supliments, diet and exercise.

The staff and environment is outstanding and I would recommend her for any health issue you may have.

Angela Antler

Dr. Jenna and her office team have been so warm and welcoming every time my kids and I visit. Dr.Jenna is very knowledgeable, gentle and empathetic around understanding living a busy lifestyle. One thing I find helpful is where she builds in tricks and tips that my family can incorporate to strengthen our nervous system on our daily activities.
Dr. Jenna is always so personable where my kids feel safe and comfortable, and ask me when they’ll get to see her next! I have noticed improvements with my kids and I’s overall health since getting our adjustments regularly.
I would recommend Lifeworks Studio to anyone!

Elisa Tran

I’ve been going to Dr. Jenna since I was 16 (I’m now 23) and she has been amazing. I play rugby so my injuries are diverse and she has always been there to support me. She brings a type of warmth that other doctors I work with have never included. She genuinely cares for each patient she has and it shows every time I see her. I’m so grateful to have someone like Dr. Jenna to go to!! ❤️❤️❤️

Kennedy F

We take our whole family, including our two boys 7 and 9 to Dr. Jenna at Lifeworks Studio. We have been patients for a few years now. The visits are so beneficial. The sessions fix any body pain or adjustments needed due to day to day life. Dr.Jenna and her staff are kind, dedicated and knowledgeable.
Take control of your life and Dr.Jenna will help!

Irvin Johal

Dr. Jenna is so kind and wonderful. She's very gentle but is still able to work her magic. An amazing chiropractor for anyone who doesnt want dramatic terrifying cracking and manipulation.

Claudia Doerr

I have been seeing Dr. Jenna for years now and I have seen huge improvements to my health. On top of that, she always greets me with a big smile and is someone that I really trust. She is very thorough and gives me lots of time to discuss whatever my needs are in that moment. I would recommend Dr. Jenna to anyone and everyone!

Courtney Bell

I'm updating my review again because it actually needs 12 stars to describe how awesome Dr. Jenna and Neale are! Neale always greets you with a calming hello, that instantly puts you at ease. Then Dr. Jenna does her assessment and talks about how you are doing…. It seems like she can tell me how I’m doing without asking me, but she asks with a genuine caring nature, and often offers a little stretch to try, and some encouragement to keep moving and enjoying life. She is definitely one of the reasons I’m able to keep trying to play sports I have no talent at, but love.

Michael Bennett

I have been so impressed with the care that Dr Jenna takes! She goes above and beyond. My body is feeling so much better from before I started. Even going through pregnancy. She is so caring! Right after my baby was born, she even did a home visit, which was above and beyond anything I would have expected. I highly recommend Lifeworks studio! Amazing people and caring practice.

Kayleigh Kennedy

Friendly staff and quality care. Dr. Arts is very thorough in her assessments and continuously assures that you’re comfortable during adjustments!

Josie Consonni

Thanks Dr. Jenna for the calm atmosphere and your gentle care. There’s an ease around being a patient in your practice.

Heather Skoll

pediatric chiropractor Guelph

Hi! I’m Dr. Jenna: Your Trusted Chiropractor for Holistic Wellness

I love supporting my patients through all of life’s changing phases…through their prenatal journey, their baby’s pediatric development, their child or teen’s growth or their evolving health challenges into older adulthood.

My Kinesiology Degree from Western University and my Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College were just the beginning of learning about health for me. I’ve also completed additional training and certifications to expand my knowledge in nutrition, exercise, perinatal and postnatal health, neurology, primitive reflex integration, childhood development and intraoral assessment/oral tie concerns.

I have been in private practice for 11 years, taking over as sole-owner of Lifeworks Studio in 2017 which has had roots in the Guelph community since 1991 (that’s since I was in kindergarten).

I offer manual adjusting techniques (Thompson Technique) as well as gentle instrument assisted approaches (Activator Method, Arthrostim/Impulse Adjusting) and welcome patients of all ages to our practice.

When I’m not in the office you can find me with my family, knitting, cooking, drinking coffee or feeding a baby. I have 3 children (all 7 and under) who keep me moving and add so much joy to my life.

Top Rated Family Chiropractor in Guelph, Ontario

Lifeworks Studio is located on 403 Arkell Rd Unit 7b, Guelph, ON. From Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) head northwest toward Airport Rd, and turn right onto Airport Rd. Next turn left onto Fountain St N/Waterloo Regional Rd 17, and at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Kossuth Rd/Waterloo Regional Rd 31. Then at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Wellington Rd 124, and turn right onto 5 Township Rd/Whitelaw Rd. At this point 5 Township Rd/Whitelaw Rd turns left and becomes Niska Rd, and turn left onto Downey Rd. After that continue onto Kortright Rd W (signs for ON-6 S), and turn right onto Edinburgh Rd S. Afterwards, turn right onto Gordon St, and turn left onto Arkell Rd. Finally, turn right Lifeworks Studio will be on the left.

For additional questions you can call us at (519) 766-1250 or find us on Yellowpages

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